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Can You Put Oven Mitts in The Washer?

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When handling hot utensils especially during baking, the importance of using oven mitts cannot be described in words. Moreover, it is usual, if you use something, you must keep it clean for further use.

So cleaning oven mitts is an essential matter of concern. So, to know if you can you put oven mitts in the washer or not, you must read the following.

And luckily you can put oven mitts in the washer.

Let’s explore more throughout this article. 

Can You Put Oven Mitts In The Washer – Here in Details

You can conveniently put your mitts in the washer. But to be more informed, you must have knowledge on the materials of mitts.

What is Oven Mitt?

Oven gloves are often said to be invented in the United States’ Texas, in the 1870s, by the American baker Earl Mitt, that were made of wool and leather. 

A protective glove is always necessary while working in the kitchen to save yourself from burning. It is an insulated and mitten glove to easily protect the wearer’s hands from hot objects.

Materials of Oven Mitts

Knowing what materials your oven mitts are made of is necessary to determine how it can be cleaned. 

In general oven gloves are made of textiles, such as cotton, or silicone materials, and those made from fabric are usually insulated with heat resistant material.

Neoprene and silicone mitts are highly recommended for protecting your hands from extreme heat, almost 500°F. However, the unpleasant smell of neoprene material takes a long time to go away.  

Moreover, silicon gloves without an inner cloth layer don’t provide good heat resistance as well as can be difficult to remove.

Types of Mitts

  • Leather Mitts
  • Silicone Mitts
  • Cotton Mitts
  • Neoprene Mitts

Cleaning Different Types of Oven Mitts

Silicone cooking gloves are machine washable. These can also be washed with warm soapy water whereas neoprene should be washed under hot soapy water. 

Cotton gloves are also machine washable. Gloves made of aramid fiber can be washed either in a washing machine or using mild detergent. 

Washing problem appears incase of leather gloves which are not easily cleaned in a washing machine. In this case, a solution of vinegar and water 1:1 should be used.

Methods of Washing Oven Mitts in Machine

  • Thoroughly examine the product care label on your set of oven mitts near the opening or cuff of the mitt.The label may be imprinted directly on the inside of the mitt or it might not be there at all.
  • Textile manufacturers don’t have to include this label like clothing manufacturers do, so if you can’t find the care instructions on your oven mitts, feel free to do a quick search online. You should be able to find the manual for your set of oven mitts. 
  • A gallon of warm water in a large bucket with half a cup of mild laundry detergent are combined.
  • Soak a washcloth in the water and laundry detergent solution, then carefully wring it out to allow only a small bit of soap and moisture to remain on the fabric. 
  • Avoid using a colored wash cloth.
  • Gently dab the wash cloth on the oven mitt
  • The wet spots dry for half an hour so that you can make sure no discoloration has occurred. If all is clear, you can then move on to machine wash or hand wash your mitt. 

Some people use home remedies to clean their gloves, such as baking soda. Baking soda is a good solution if you want to get some nasty grease stains out of your oven mitts. 

Baking soda helps lift stains even without a regular washing cycle or having to use dish soap.

However, it’s important that you do a spot test first to make sure the baking soda doesn’t create additional stains when water or heat are added.


Oven mitts have made it comfortable to work in the kitchen protecting from accidental burns. For using it longer, it’s important to know the cleaning procedures. And this aspect washing machine is the first choice.

Therefore, in many peoples’ minds, this question often peeps ‘can you put oven mitts in the washer?’. Hopefully, you already have the answer to your question.

So, say bye to all your worries about washing mitts and keep enjoying cooking and baking delicious food. 


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