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Can you sharpen steak knives?

Sharpening Steak Knives-Home Pic

A sharp knife is a very important tool to do your kitchen chores easily and also to cut the material safely. 

But when it comes to steak knives, many people tend to be skeptical, as they think sharpening will damage the edge of the steak knife.

Are you one of them and want to be sure can you sharpen steak knives?

Well, the answer is YES! Not only you can sharpen the steak knives but also you should sharpen your steak knives regularly. 

Let’s learn more from this article!

Can You Sharpen Steak Knives: Your Ultimate Kitchen Guide 

The majority of people are unaware of how frequently their knives are necessary  to sharp.  It only reduces the utility of your knife as time passes. 

Before discussing how you can sharpen your steak knives, let’s learn about how often you should sharpen your steak knives. 

How Frequently Should Steak Knives Be Sharpened?

Steak knives are an important kitchen tool to make your meal ready in no time. 

But this tool might not be used in your kitchen as frequently as other kitchen tools. So, when you leave them in your kitchen cabinet, they become dull over time. 

Generally, you should sharpen your steak knives at least once every 6 months. 

However, the frequency with which you may sharpen the steak knives depends on the type or the usage of the  knives and how regularly you intend to use them. 

For example, you should sharpen your short steak knives once every couple of months to have a good filet knife. 

And steak knives for grills should always be sharpened before you start to cook, every time. 

Process of Sharpening the Steak Knives

By Using an Electric Knife Sharpener

This is the easiest method to sharpen your steak knives. However, you won’t be able to use a random electric knife sharpener, rather you will need to use a sharpener which is dedicated to sharpening serrated steak knives. 

If you use a sharpener that isn’t built for a serrated knife, you risk damaging the bevel of your knives. 

By Using Ceramic Knife Sharpening Rod 

It is possibly the toughest way to sharpen your knives, though it provides the best result.

  • To begin with, hold the serrated knife along with the blade’s edge, pointing away from you.
  • Place the ceramic rod in the knife’s serration and try to match the bevel’s angle as accurately as possible.
  • Then draw the rod through the knife’s serration gently and slowly. 
  • Follow the same method several times to get the best result. 

By Using a Triangle Sharpener 

This is a specified tool to sharpen your serrated steak knives. 

However, It functions similarly to the ceramic knife sharpening rod as mentioned above , except instead of spinning , you’ll need to rock it along with the knife’s bevel. 

By Using Whetstone for Non- Serrated Knives 

You can  sharpen a non-serrated knife with a whetstone. 

  • With gentle pressure, slide the knife’s edge from the tip to the knife’s handle at around 15 – 20 degrees.
  • Repeat this process until you notice a gleam on the knife’s edge.

Take Care of Your Steak Knives

It is best for your steak knife to keep them in the knife block. 

But before inserting them in the knife block, make sure that the knives as well as the knife block are completely dry to avoid any rust.  

Don’t use a glass cutting board. And never wash the knives in the dishwasher. 

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Hopefully, after reading this article on ‘can you sharpen steak knives’, you are no longer confused about sharpening your steak knives. 

However, before starting sharpening, make the work area dry, cover the area with newspaper and have a dry cloth. 

If you are going to use the electric knife sharpener, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. 

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