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Can You Use a Propane Torch for Cooking?

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Kitchen torches are gradually being popular among the people. Kitchen torches help any food item melting, hardening, crisping of a topping. 

In the case of propane gas in the kitchen torch, instead of being highly flammable, it’s still safe to use as long as it can be properly handled.

Maybe you have decided to use a propane torch for cooking. Well, this article will help you to know whether can you use a propane torch for cooking.

Let’s start digging.

Can You Use a Propane Torch for Cooking: A True Guideline

Yes, you can use propane torch for cooking, though it’s highly flammable. But you must be careful about handling it properly. As this gas is alkane, it’s safe for cooking purposes without producing any byproduct. 

Moreover, you should not keep the torch in a place for a long time, otherwise it would burn your food. You should better move the torch arong the food from a good distance, not too close, not too far.

Are kitchen Torches safe?

Kitchen torches use different types of gasses including propane. There are different safety rules as per the gasses. According to chefs, using kitchen torches is safe, as these gasses are alkanes and don’t produce any by-product. 

Some kitchen torches, especially most rubber- or plastic-encased torches are dangerous. However, kitchen torches should be kept out of children’s reach.

Reason behind a Propane Torch being safe to use on food

A propane torch is one of the kitchen torches that uses propane gas to ignite for making food. The mechanism of propane torch is that propane gas reacts with oxygen in air and produces water and carbon dioxide.

Though carbon dioxide is harmful for the respiratory system, it won’t affect your food items. Moreover, incomplete combustion of propane produces carbon monoxide. Instead of this being a harmful gas, it won’t make any changes to the food taste. So it’s clear that propane torch is safe for cooking purposes.

Some uses of Propane Torch

  • Caramelize fruits
  • Grill vegetables
  • Roast peppers
  • Melting tuna or salmon
  • Making s’mores and other desserts
  • Searing meat
  • Melting and browning cheese
  • Peeling peppers
  • Finishing a gratin

Precautions to follow while using Propane Torch

  • Ensure there is no leak in the torch before using. To detect this, if necessary, a soap bubble test can be done.  
  • Gas containers should be kept far from heat sources and direct day light.
  • Ensure there is no kitchen clothes, papers, food scraps in the area of using a torch, as these may cause combustion. 
  • Keep the torch and the canister out of reach of children and pets.
  • While using propane torch smoking must be avoided.
  • Area, where the propane torch would be used, must be well-ventilated.


Hopefully, now the fact about can you use a propane torch for cooking is crystal clear to you.  So, following proper safety, you can use a propane torch safely in your well ventilated kitchen.


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