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Can you use jute blended rugs in the kitchen?

Kitchen Jute Rugs

Jute fiber is a natural, long lasting fiber. The natural tanned color gives a warm look to your home. And most importantly, it is eco friendly. 

Now, you might be thinking of using jute blended rugs in your kitchen and want to know, can you use jute blended rugs in the kitchen or not. The answer is yes! You can use both jute blended rugs or 100% jute fiber rugs in your kitchen.

Let’s learn more from this article!

Can You Use Jute Blended Rugs In The Kitchen: An Ultimate Guide

The use of natural fiber is getting more and more popular day by day, as people are more concerned about nature and want to do a little act of goodness to our earth. 

Apart from this, natural fibers like jute are highly affordable and durable.

Can You Use Jute Blended Rugs In The Kitchen

Why to Use Jute Blended Rugs in Kitchen

  • The first and foremost advantage of using jute blended rugs is the natural earthy texture. This natural texture is so versatile that it can easily blend with any home decor. 
  • Another good thing about blended jute rugs is their softness. 100% jute fiber rugs are not very soft, rather they are a little rough. But when you are talking about jute blend rugs, most of them are soft.
  • Jute rugs are super durable and should be your first choice if you want a long lasting solution. Moreover, if you have any pet, this is the perfect type of rug you are looking for. 
  • Lastly when it comes about maintenance, jute blended rugs require a little amount of your attention. It can easily hide any type of stain or wear and tear. It is also very convenient and easy to clean up.

Why Not to Use Jute Blended Rugs in Kitchen

# The number one disadvantage of using jute blended rugs in the kitchen is that it can easily slide on hardboard floor or on the tiles.

However, it depends on the other materials that are blended with jute. So before buying one, you may check the material description. 

# Another drawback of jute blended rug is, it can easily absorb water. So if you use them near the sink, water can damage the rug over time.

Nonetheless, if the lower portion of the rug is made of synthetic fiber, then you should not worry about that. 

# The other thing that may bother you is the shedding. As jute is a natural fiber, it tends to shed over time. Which means the fiber comes out from the rug slowly.

Though it remains under the rug, it can be bothersome during cleaning. 

Cleaning and Maintenance  

A vacuum cleaner attached with a brush can easily clean the rug. For better results, you may vacuum from different directions. 

But don’t vacuum by the stitched areas, if your rug has any kind of binding. However, you can’t treat a jute blended rug like other types of rugs. Such as you can not steam clean the jute rugs. 

It will damage the natural look and can build up mildew. You also may not use spot cleaner or usual rug cleaner in it.

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Hopefully, you have got your answer from this article on ‘can you use jute blended rugs in the kitchen’. 

Yet shouldn’t forget to check the other fibers that are blended with jute before buying one. There are different types of jute blended rugs in the market, so it won’t be hard to find the perfect one for yourself.

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