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How Long to Buy Kitchen Tongs?

Kitchen Tongs Buying Recommendations

For easy and fast cooking, a good set of tongs are mandatory. These are used for holding hot food items, turning out hot dishes from the pan, serving food, etc. So, you should have a good set of kitchen tongs.

Now the question is how long to buy kitchen tongs? In the market, various tongs are available with different lengths, shapes, etc.

This article about how long to buy kitchen tongs recommendations will give you a guideline which will be very helpful to you. 

For getting the answer of the best result given tongs, please read the full article. 

How Long to Buy Kitchen Tongs – The utmost explanation

There are various kinds of tongs available on the market. It would be best to choose different length’s tongs according to your needs. 

Tongs have different shapes and sizes and various elements to cook different food items. 

That’s why you should have an idea about what lengths tongs are available and how long to buy kitchen tongs. 

Some recommendations are given here:

Length of Kitchen Tongs

There are various lengths of kitchen tongs. It starts from 7 inches to 12 inches. Mostly, 12-inch tongs are used for all purposes. 

Silicone Kitchen Tongs 

These 12-inch silicone tongs have good grip capability and silicon heads. For non-stick and cast iron pan, you should use silicone tongs with 12-inch length. 

It will help you from getting burned, and silicon-made tongs are not harsh to use for your pan. 

Stainless Steel Tongs 

These are also 12 inches in size. The thickness of their handles is 3/64 inches. 

They are stainless steel made and have much more incredible efficiency than burning your hands. These tongs are easy to clean because they have fewer edges. 

Salad Serving Tongs 

These types of salad tongs are 9 inches in size. They are used for tossing the salad. They are made up of silicon materials, and they have heat-resistant capability up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit.

These types of tongs are best for barbecue, salad dressing, and cooking and serving purposes. 

Kitchen Tongs for BBQ

These types of tongs are used as BBQ tongs. It will help if you use at least 9 inches length tongs when you are working directly with fire.

They are 9 inches in size and have an excellent silicon-made grip handle. These are perfect for serving salad as well. 

Fork Shaped Serving Tongs

They are basically fork and spoon tongs. They are used in serving and cooking foods like pasta, noodles, grill, etc. Their sizes are 8 inches long and made of stainless steel.  

Ice Cube Holding Kitchen Tongs 

These are used for holding ice cubes. They are 7.55 inches. Basically, they are made of stainless steel and have a simple design. 

But these are very good for grabbing ice cubes with their teeth design handle head. 

Small Tongs 

They are convenient and mini serving tongs. For the perfect decoration of food, they give good service. They are 7 inches long, and silicon made. 

These tongs can be used as multi-purpose, and these are lightweight and convenient to use. 

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Generally, the 12-inch tongs are best for cooking and serving purposes. Apart from that, the other sizes of tongs are usually used in the specialized task.

Kitchen tongs are essential and are doing a versatile job. And the article on how long to buy kitchen tongs recommendations surely gives you an idea about desired tongs for your kitchen. 


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