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How to Choose the Best Chef’s Knife?

Best Chef's Knife Buying Guide

A chef’s knife is one of the key cutting tools in our kitchen. Earlier it was invented to slice beef only but now it has become a primary knife in most kitchens. While talking about best knives, a chef’s knife appears to be on top of the list.

Well, choosing a good one is undoubtedly important. But for the beginners, it gets much tougher to find the best one. However, if you are looking for the best chef’s knife buying instructions, this content is going to be your ultimate guideline.

So, let’s reveal How to Choose the Best Chef’s Knife with the tips below.

Chef Knife Buying Guide

As there is a bunch of chef’s knife available in the market so it’s quite confusing to go for a particular one. To clarify the idea of how to choose chef knife the major features are mentioned below.

The Basics Checking

The basic checking of a chef’s knife are-

  • The spine of the knife should be pretty much straight
  • There should be a curvy sharp blade on the bottom
  • It shouldn’t have a lot of weight and the tip should be lighter.  
  • The handle should be shorted than the blade
  • Less design on the handle is preferred
  • A specious bolster is recommended for a better chop


To choose the best beginner chef knife, knowing the right length is always important. Well, an 8 inches knife is preferred to be the ideal size, in actual this size isn’t accurate for everyone.

To measure out what size is perfect for you, hold the knife on your arm. Keep the hill of your knife up to your forearm and see if the tip of the blade ends on your elbow. A knife that has a length of your forearm to elbows is the accurate length knife for you.

The Knife Metal

As there are many knife materials like carbon steel, hard carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy and many more, choosing the specific one is confusing. But if you focus on hard metal and soft metal it gets easier to choose.

To figure out the good one, put the knife tip on board and pust the blade down. If you find it flexible to go down it’s a soft metal knife and if not that flexible, its a hard metal knife. And hard metals are better than the soft ones.

Features to Check

Your knife should be water and heat resistance. These two features confirm how durable your knife is going to be. Knives that are not water and heat resistance are more likely to have rusted or stain on it.

Your Comfort

Above everything, your comfort should be your first priority. Before you purchase one, go for a trial version. Make sure you can chop with the best comfort. Also, a safe grip is very important.

Know about the sharpen process before buying. Because you won’t like it if you have to sharpen your knife every now and then. It’s a good idea to check the reviews of the knife’s performance to purchase the best one.


With this kitchen knife buying guide, you must have got a clear idea on How to Choose the Best Chef’s Knife. Now, you are absolutely ready to grab the best one for your kitchen. So, go and get your best chef’s knife but don’t forget to dry it well before storing it. Because good care enhances the longevity of a knife’s good performance.

Hope this content helped you with a bunch of necessary information about chef’s knife. Thanks for being with us. 


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