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How to Decorate Kitchen with Rugs?

Decorate Kitchen With Rugs

Few people may question your choice of using rugs in your kitchen. But this is the most trendy kitchen decoration material.

Why should you hesitate to decorate the kitchen with rugs? Don’t hesitate at all. Rugs indeed are a great way of decorating your kitchen. They add warmth, color, texture and also need very low maintenance. 

So, why not jump into the article on how to decorate kitchen with rugs?

How To Decorate Kitchen With Rugs: An Ultimate Guide

There are many ways to use rugs in your kitchen. Different colors, shapes, patterns and materials of rugs have to perfectly match with your kitchen.

 We will try to give some insight regarding how to properly use these elements. 

Follow The Layout of Your Kitchen

Remember that, your rug will need to be fit in with your kitchen, not your kitchen with the rug. 

So, before choosing a rug, look into your kitchen layout. If your kitchen is rectangular, try to use a rectangular area rug. 

If your kitchen has narrow areas, then use a long runner. If you want to put a circle rug, make sure that your kitchen has enough spaces around the rug. 

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Get a Rug For Kitchen Table

If you have a dining table inside your kitchen or in an open floor plan, it is a good idea to use a large area kitchen rug beneath the table. 

how to decorate kitchen with rugs

The rug should cover the area beneath the table as well as the chairs to look perfect. This will help to differentiate the areas of your kitchen. 

On an open floor, this will compliment the look of your kitchen area. 

Use a Long Runner in a Small Kitchen

A long runner and a small kitchen is a perfect match. In a small kitchen, a long runner creates an optical illusion which makes the kitchen look wider than it actually is. 

Using Padded Kitchen Rug 

If you stay in the kitchen for a long period of time, a padded rug is the perfect solution for you. It helps to reduce pressure on your back and gives you comfort. 

Put it near the sink and the stove where you usually stand for a longer period of time. 

It is also beneficial if you have kids or older family members. It reduces the chance of falls and slips with its built in resistance in the back part. 

Use a Pop Up Color

If your modern kitchen is extremely white, maybe it’s time to use a bold color rug to give your kitchen an extraordinary look. 

Choose a red color oriental kitchen rug, which will definitely be a bold move. If you are not yet ready to do so, go for a multi color stripe rug, which is bright in color. It will give your kitchen a brand new look. 

Using Flat Wave Kitchen Rug

If your kitchen is the most trafficked area of your home, then a flat wave kitchen rug should be your ultimate choice. 

It is usually made of cotton, combined with other easily washable materials. 

So, you can easily wash them by using a machine on a regular basis. It is  woven thinly with smaller loops. So it will take time to be damaged. 

Combine With The Floor Color

Are you struggling with choosing the right color? Then combining the rug with floor color can be a solution. 

Look into your floor and pick a color which goes well with the floor color. Or choose a slightly lighter or darker shade than your floor.  

Blend The Rug With Existing Color and Pattern

If you have colored kitchen cabinets or have an influence of any particular color in your kitchen, it is better not to use completely different colors. It can create conflicts among the colors. 

It’s better to go with the same color or go with another lighter or darker shade, or just use a different texture of the same color. 

It will give an uniform look throughout your kitchen. 


Have you found this article on ‘how to decorate kitchen with rugs’ helpful? I hope the answer is YES! 

Using a kitchen area rug is a great way to add different style, color and warmth to your kitchen. 

However, don’t just try to put the different pieces and make the kitchen scattered, rather try to connect the pieces together. 

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