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How to hide Dish Drying Rack? Step-By-Step Guideline

Dish Drying Rack in the Kitchen-The Home Pic

Does your dish drying rack create messiness in your kitchen? You know that a dish drying rack is the kind of thing that keeps your kitchen pots, pan, spoon, knife, etc. clean and organized.

But if it is visible in your kitchen, then sometimes it may give you a messy look in your kitchen.

So, you should know how to hide dish drying rack. A messy kitchen look will never give you any peace in your cooking chores. In that case, you should keep your dish drying rack in such a way so that it would not be seen directly.

Let’s explore new ways to hide the dish drying rack and keep going with this article.

How to hide Dish Drying Rack: The Ultimate Guideline

How to Hide Dish Drying Rack-The Home Pic

Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to hide your dish drying rack. Hopefully, you will be able to hide your dish drying rack following the guideline.

Trick no 1: Tucked Away Under The Sink

You can keep your dish drying rack under the sink so that it would not be so visible. Moreover, you can easily use it after every wash of your dish because it is just underneath the sink.

Apart from this, those who do not have any corner space in their kitchen can follow to set a dish drying rack in this way. It will surely escape your kitchen from messiness.

Tricks no 2: Dish Drying Rack Inside of The Cabinet

Placing a dish drying rack inside the cabinet will be another way to hide your dish drying rack. In the modern decoration of a kitchen, it is a very familiar way of giving a smart look.

In this way, you can organize all your kitchen stuff nicely. If inside the cabinet your dish drying rack remains a little messy, it would not bother you as much.

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Tricks no 3: Use Corner Space  

You can set your dish drying rack in a corner place of your kitchen for hiding it. The corner place is not seen directly. So, it will be the best choice to keep your dish drying rack.

Some of the corner space may look chaotic if it is not properly organized. So, you can keep a nice dish drying rack that will hold your kitchen items and you can organize your kitchen nicely.

Tricks no 4: Hidden Over Sink Dish Drying Rack

This would be a great choice if you would like to use a hidden dish drying rack over the sink. A hidden dish drying rack comes with a cabinet system so that inside the rack would not be visible.  You can fix it on the wall with the screw. 

It has a water-holding tray as well. So, there is no chance to get messy with your dish drying rack.

Tricks no 5: Dish Drying Cabinet with Dish Drying Rack

You can use a dish drying cabinet instead of a dish drying rack. The well-decorated cabinet will hide all the shelves that you use for your kitchen cookware. This will instantly improve your kitchen appliances.

Tricks no 6: Drawer System Drying Rack

This type of dish drying rack you may use in your kitchen. This has excellent features with so many shelves and comes with a system of drawers in your kitchen cabinet. They are very smart to use and hassle-free. Even this can be used in a small kitchen. It helps you to organize your small kitchen.


Nobody loves a sink full of dirty dishes. Noone even loves a mess dish drying rack as well. But sometimes you have run out of time to properly organize your rack.

Hopefully, now you have so many tips and tricks about how to hide dish drying rack. This will surely help you to organize your chaotic kitchen and give you happy feelings to spend more time in the kitchen.

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