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How to keep rug corners from curling up on carpet?

Keep Rug Corners from Curling up on Carpet

When you put a rug over a carpet, it is very likely that the rug corners are going to curl up on the carpet. 

Not only it looks bad but also it creates a tripping hazard at your home. 

You also might be struggling with curling up corners and searching for a solution regarding how to keep rug corners from curling up on carpet. 

Have a cup of coffee and stay with us. In this article, we will discuss different solutions you may use to get rid of this problem.

So, let’s learn from this article.

How to Keep Rug Corners From Curling Up On Carpet: An Ultimate Solution

Nowadays, there are many specialized products in the market to keep your rug’s corners flat. There are also some DIY solutions. In the next part we will discuss all of them. 

Using Rug Pad

Rug pad is a great solution if you have an area rug on top of a carpet. However, using cheap and thin ones might not help you. Try to use a thick one with better texture.

This provides a good flat foundation to your rug, and thus the rug stays flat even over a carpet. 

Rubber Anti Curling Non Slip Skid Pads

This is specially made for the rugs which have carpet beneath it. It is a triangle-shaped rubber pad. You will have to attach them into the four corners of your rug. 

As the pad surface is made of rubber, they help to keep the rug flat. Another advantage is that they are reusable and cheap. You can get them in 8 pcs packets for around $12.95. 

Non Skid Grip Mat Protector

It is a double sided adhesive gripper. It helps to keep the  rugs as well as the carpet in place and keep the rug’s corner flat. 

These typeof mat protectors are very easy to use. You will have to remove the adhesive protection and then attach it into the corners.

The most important thing is, they do not leave any residual adhesive or stickiness when you peel them off. Also they are very easy to remove. 

Curl Stop Anti-Curling Rug System

This product comes almost in a boomerang shape. It has adhesive on one side of a rubber structure. 

Remove the adhesive protection then attach them into the four corners of the rug. It is usable in both indoor and outdoor. And also work fine on both hard floors or over a carpet.

Grip-It Magic Stop Non-Slip Pad

This is another specialized product for rug over carpet. It is made of polyester textile which is adhesive coated. Manufacturer claims that you can use them for as much as 10 years.  

It keeps the rug into the right place over a carpet floor and also saves the corners from curling up. 

Using Velcro

Using velcro is a DIY solution to this problem. You will need to cut two pieces of velcro in small or medium sized. Then attach one of them at the back side of the rug and another on the carpet. 

This method will solve your problem for some days, as it is not a long lasting solution. 

Double Sided Tape

Double sided tape is also a DIY solution. It is able to keep the corners flat. However, many people seem skeptical as this method can damage the carpet in the long run. 

Steam Cleaner

You may use a steam cleaner to keep the corners flat. It will add some moisture to your rug corners, loosen the fiber and help it to lay flat. 

This method is effective if your rug corner is being curled up for temperature change. 

Cork- Backed Ruler 

Using two cork backed rulers can easily provide a solution to the corner curling problem. 

Simply place two rulers, cork side down, at a right angle on the backside of the rug corner. Using a big needle and thread, secure the rulers to the rug. 

Stitch the backside of the rug by looping thread around the ruler for twice or thrice to secure the ruler perfectly. It usually works well on heavier rugs. 


This article on how to keep rug corners from curling up on carpet’ is about to end. And hopefully the article was helpful to you. Follow any of the methods described above. 

However, many people tend to use hot glue to keep the rugs flat. Don’t fall for this trick as it can damage your carpet and rugs. 


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