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How to Place Rugs In Kitchen?

Place Rugs In Kitchen

Rugs have a super power to give your home a uniform look. When it is placed in the right mannar, at the right spot, and with the right design, it can give your home an artistic, warm look. 

Rugs can make the narrow spaces look lenghiter, and large spaces to look cozier. 

I think you have noticed the benefit of rugs, and now want to know how to place rugs in kitchen in a perfect way. 

Don’t worry, let’s explore the details in this article.

How To Place Rugs In Kitchen: An Ultimate Guide

It is unanimously agreed to use rugs in the living room or dinning or the toilet areas. But some people seem to be a little skeptical when it comes to rugging the kitchen. 

If you have any such confusion, let’s make it clear to you!

Why to Use Rugs in Kitchen

  • It gives the floor a shield of protection from the stains and spill that usually occurs in the kitchen.
  • This also saves your dishes when they accidentally fall into the floor. 
  • But the main benefit is the comfort that a rug can provide you.
  • If you stay in the kitchen for a long period of time, you will need to bring a rug into your kitchen.
  • It will give your foot comfort. There are also specialized rugs to reduce fatigue.
  • Usually we try to give our entire home a warm look. Why not bring this warm look into your kitchen too? It also brings colors to your kitchen.
  • Rugs also reduce the noise of your kitchen. It works as a sound safeguard and keeps the sound within the kitchen.

Placing Rugs depending on Kitchen Layout

Now as you are convinced to use rugs in your kitchen, let’s learn how to use rugs depending on your kitchen layout. 

One Wall Kitchen

If you have only one wall in your kitchen, you can simply use a runner rug in front of the kitchen counter. Traditional runners are about 2.5 X 8 or 12 feet. 

L- Shaped Kitchen 

For an L shaped kitchen, you should use one ideal type of rug, in which length and width are not the same. Put the rug in a way that the rug proportionately matches the width and length of the kitchen. 

However, in an L shaped kitchen, it will be great if you keep about an 18” gap between the rug and the kitchen counter. 

Gallery Kitchen

As the gallery kitchens are usually narrow, using one single runner rug will be perfect. It will make the kitchen look wider and spacious. 

U- Shaped Kitchen

You can use a single rug which is neither square nor a runner. You should put this rug into the center of the kitchen. 

To calculate the measurement of the rug, you can measure the kitchen floor area. Then subtract 18” to 24” inches around the kitchen counter. 

Island Shaped 

To decorate your island shaped kitchen, you may need 3/4 runner rugs. Put them between every aisle. However, keep around 12” to 18” gaps between the countertop edges and runners. 

Peninsula Kitchen 

For your peninsula kitchen, use a single rug just like the u shaped kitchen as mentioned above. Make sure to maintain some space around 18” to 20” along the kitchen counter. 

Important Points to Be Noted

# If two or more kitchen rugs are in the plain view, their design should be matched. It will produce a cohesive design and create a good combination in your kitchen. 

# To match the two or more rugs, don’t use the exact same rug. Rather focus on the color, shapes and design.

# Choose only three texture, color and motifs that get along with each other, which will give a uniform look. 

# It is not necessary to match your rug color exactly with the cupboards. Choose a color that is enough to complement the cupboard’s color. That’s all you need to do. 

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You should definitely put a rug in the high traffic areas and near the sink. You can follow this article on ‘how to place rugs in kitchen’ as your kitchen makeover guide.

To choose the material of the rug, check whether it is machine washable or not. And also don’t only consider the look, rather the type of service you are expecting from your rug.


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