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How to Place Rugs in Open Floor Plan Kitchen?

Rugs in Open Floor Plan Kitchen

Open floor plan kitchens are getting popular. The reason is it not only makes more space in the house but also connects the people within the living room and kitchen. 

But when it comes to decorating the open floor kitchen, it can be hard to decide what will look good. 

As you are here, you might also feel the same and want to know how to place rugs in open floor plan kitchen. 

Well, don’t worry. In this article, we will provide you with some good ideas.

Let’s finish the article!

How To Place Rugs In Open Floor Plan Kitchen: An Ultimate Guide

Rugs can play a vital role in an open floor layout of your home. By using rugs, you can easily define the different spaces. And obviously rugs add color, texture and warmth to your home. 

In this article, we will discuss different types of open floor kitchens and will provide rugging solutions simultaneously. 

So, stick with us!

Open Kitchen with Dining Space

This type of kitchen is easily connected with a small table and a banquette with seats around the table. It may also have a small island on one side of the kitchen.

As usually this space is small, it will be great if you can use a single rug throughout the area. 

But you also can set a single rug under the table and in front of the banquette. Then use another small rug in front of the sink. 

Seamless Open Kitchen

These are the more spacious kitchen with a border outline and an island beside the dining table. 

The dining table is standard sized which connects the island. There may also be some seats beside the island.

You can use a large rug for the table area. As the rug will be large, it is better not use a rug for the seats in front of the island. 

Rather you may use a runner rug in between the narrow spaces of the kitchen counters. 

One Wall Open Kitchen

These kitchens only have one wall from floor to ceiling, with cabinets and appliances. It may also have a long island with a kitchen sink and seats outside the island. 

You can use a runner rug in front of the kitchen wall and another short runner rug under the seats of the island.

L Shaped Open Kitchen 

This modest kitchen is tucked away in a corner and connects to a dining space and a living room. It usually has an island with a few seats.

A L shaped kitchen runner is a perfect fit for this kitchen. You can also use two different rugs here, but using the same looking rug will give the kitchen a more uniform look. 

However, you can consider using a rug for the island too.

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How to Choose Perfect Looking Rugs for Open Floor

There is no shame in using the same looking rugs in different spaces of your open floor. Choose the right material and size and place it where it fits well. 

However, an open floor plan always provides you opportunities to show the artistic person inside you, so why not play with style, pattern, color, shape or size?

Go For Different Style

If you want to have a different style in your home, you may use oriental rugs. These rugs are very easy to match in pairs or even groups. Firstly, choose the rug for your living room, then match other rugs with it.

Choose Different colors 

Try to use light color as it makes the home look even bigger. To combine different colors, use a color pallet and make the rugs out of three different shades of the same color.

To create a bold combination, the easy tips are to use red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange color combinations. 

Different Shapes and Sizes 

This can be a critical step as over-experiment can make your space messy. Always choose a bigger rug into the living room. Other rugs will act as the connecting dots. 

You may use round or free shaped rugs in some cases, but make sure that they go well with each other. 

You may use rugs of different materials. But always keep in mind that they should look uniform. Any disharmony among rugs has greater effects on your open floor. 


Hopefully, you’ve found the article on  ‘how to place rugs in open floor plan kitchen’ helpful. However, when we are talking about home decor, there are no written rules that you have to follow only. Rather it highly depends on you. 

So don’t hesitate to play with your own style! 

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