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How to Prevent Dish Drying Rack from Rusting?

Prevent Dish Drying Rack From Rusting

A dish rack is an integral tool in the kitchen to store dishes. You can use it for dish drying purposes also.

The dish drying rack needs some care to use for a long time. If you don’t take care of your dish drying rack, it can be damaged by rust. 

You know prevention is a better way than curing, and hence, you must know how to prevent dish drying rack from rusting. 

The constant use of a dish rack and the constant touch of water may cause rusting. The detailed tips on keeping the dish drying rack clean and preventing rusting may help you a lot.

Let’s follow the tips and tricks.

How to Prevent Dish Drying Rack from Rusting – The Process

Before starting to give the solution, you should know what rust is. This knowledge will surely boost up to go through this cleaning process.

What Is Rust?

Rust is the oxidation of any metal thing. It happens when oxygen and metals interact with each other. 

The combination of oxygen and metals may damage your product by creating a layer of oxidation. It weakens the metal, and this layer of oxidation is considered rust.

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Why Rust Cleaning From the Dish Drying Rack is Important? 

Cleansing is an important step to prevent the dish drying rack from rusting. The best system is to clean it regularly and dry it completely after washing. 

Cleaning the dish drying rack is very much similar to cleaning the dish. You should clean your dish rack once a week for the minimal growth of bacteria and avoid rust.

Rust develops when metal is exposed to water, so the sooner you dry the damp spots off your rack, the less likely it will rust. 

If your dish rack has minor rust patches, you may dry it off and carefully cover it with electrical tape to keep the rust from expanding.

How to Clean the Dish Drying Rack for Preventing the Rust?

For preventing rust, you can clean the rack by following some steps:

The Ingredients You Need to Clean the Dish Drying Rack: 

  • White vinegar
  • Scrub brush
  • Large bucket or basin  
  • Dry cloth

Step 1: Pour the basin with hot water 

Ensure a large amount of water that submerges the dish rack completely.

Step 2: Add some white vinegar into the water

You need to use one cup of vinegar in the water. Make sure the whole rack soaks into the water. Keep your rack at least 15-20 minutes into the vinegar mixed water.

Step 3: Drenched the rack and scrub 

After properly drenching the rack, you should use a gentle scrub and a brush for scrubbing it nicely. 

Vinegar will help to dissolve the rust or any mold so that you can clean it easily. It will also make an easy wipe away the spot or any stubborn dirt.

Step 4: Let it dry 

For preventing rust or any damage to your rack, you should ensure complete dryness after a wash. 

Water or any damp things is very harmful and causes rusting. If you use a metal-based rack, then wipe it down with a towel to avoid rust.

The Treatment of Baking Soda

  • Baking soda is used to clean your dish rack. Simply combine one tablespoon of baking soda with 2 cups of fresh cold or hot water. It should be deeply dissolved.
  • With a rack bar, you should apply the baking soda solution. You can massage with an old toothbrush if you want.
  • The remedy is also effective on rust-stain spots that have already rusted over time.

Rust Preventing Chemicals 

  • However, you can clean the rust by using chemicals, then clean the sections of the metal bars, rub them down, and then thoroughly dry them.
  • You can use the rust rescue 100 method to enter every pit and scrape where oxidation or rust begins its journey.
  • After all the preparations are complete, pick a clean, soft brush, roller, or sprayer. Now, smoothly apply the rust rescue 100. 
  • Then wait until the drying is completed.
  • After drying the rack, you should wipe it with a soft cloth to remove any remaining mix.


  • Dishwasher-safe dish racks are made of plastic or metal. Check the manufacturer’s directions to see whether it can be washed in a dishwasher.
  • You can get the desired result by adding lemon juice instead of white vinegar to clean the dish drying rack.

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When you have to work with water in your daily household chores, you should not forget rusting. So being careful is great in this perspective. After getting the answer to how to prevent dish drying rack from rusting, you should have to do one thing: wipe the dish drying rack regularly and keep it dry.


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