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How to sharpen kitchen scissors with a knife sharpener?

Sharpen Kitchen Scissors with a Knife Sharpener

A kitchen scissors might not be the most used kitchen tool, but still manage to help to snip herbs, to clipping fins of a fish or to cut stubborn pieces of any packaging. 

However, as it is not a commonly used tool, it can easily be dull over a period of time. Are you struggling with your dull kitchen scissor and want to know how to sharpen kitchen scissors with a knife sharpener? 

The answer is yes! You can use a knife sharpener to sharpen your kitchen scissor. But there are different types of knife sharpeners. Which one are you going to use?

Let’s learn more from this article! 

How to Sharpen Kitchen Scissors with a Knife Sharpener: An Ultimate Guide

There are several types of knife sharpener available in the market and every of these types are not suitable for sharpening your kitchen scissors. 

In this part, we will discuss a few of the knife sharpeners that you will be able to use to sharpen your scissors.

Sharpening Kitchen Scissors with a Steel Knife Sharpener 

This  is a commonly used knife sharpener. It is cheap and convenient to use. 

Step 1: The first step of sharpening a scissor with a steel knife sharpener is to disassemble the scissor. Remove the screw that attaches the two blades of the scissor. 

Step 2: After assembling the scissor, put the inner part of the blade in the knife sharpener. 

Step 3: Drag the scissor’s blade on the steel knife sharpener for approximately ten times in a row.

Step 4: Repeat the same process for both blades. Keep doing the same until you can see the sharp edges of the blades. 

That’s it, you can sharpen your scissors very easily by following this process.

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Sharpening Kitchen Scissors with a Honing Steel

Honing steel is commonly known as sharpening steel. It helps to get back the sharpness of your scissors. 

Step 1: Extend the scissor as far as you can. However, don’t break the scissor while doing so. 

Step 2: In between two blades of the scissors, place the honing steel. 

Step 3: After closing the scissor, grip the steel through it tightly. 

Step 4: Now, while holding the honing steel in between, ride your scissor up and down.

Step 5: Continue honing your scissor with the honing steel until it reaches the desired sharpness. 

Sharpening Kitchen Scissors with a Diamond Stoned Plate/ Ceramic Plate

Diamond stoned plate and ceramic plate- both are used for sharpening knives. You can use both of them to sharpen your scissors. 

You may use a diamond stoned plate for an unused rusty scissor which was in your cabinet for a long time.

On the hand, you should use the ceramic plate to keep the scissor sharp through regular maintenance. However, both of these plates work similarly. 

Step 1: Make the scissor wide open.

Step 2: Lay the scissor’s edge area on to the flat plate. 

Step 3: Use one hand to hold on to the screw area of the scissor so that the scissor doesn’t get closed. And then use another hand to lightly hold the upper side of the blade. 

Step 4: Now, use light push strokes down the plate sliding the scissor across there.

Step 5: Give 3 or 4 strokes and then check whether the scissor works fine or not. If not, you may need to give a few more. 

But don’t give heavy and more strokes than necessary, as it can damage the edge of the scissor. 

Sharpening Kitchen Scissors by Using Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener

It is a MK. 2 sharpener tool that sharpens almost every knife and tool. It has a flexible belt, sharpening guides and two speed motor which makes the sharpening process way easier. It has a 65 degree scissor guide built in. 

Step 1: Open your scissor wide. 

Step 2: Place the scissor’s blade in the guide. There is a magnet which will help to position the blade.

Step 3: Push the blade all the way down into the bottom of the guide.

Step 4: Power on the motors. 

Step 5: Then pull the blade horizontally to give it a stroke. Give 3 or 4 strokes at each side of the blade.

You can use any of these methods mentioned above to sharpen your kitchen knife. 


We have discussed almost every possible sharpening method in this article on ‘how to sharpen kitchen scissors with a knife sharpener’. Hopefully, you have found this article helpful.

However, sharpening will be easier if you sharpen the scissors on a regular basis. When cleaning a rusty scissor, you should wear gloves to avoid any accident. 


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