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How to Update an Old Kitchen on a Budget?

Kitchen Renovation on Budget

You like being up to date. Therefore, you always keep updating your outlooks or gadgets or even your room décor. But what about your kitchen?

Of course, like all the other things, your kitchen also needs a bit of touch up now and then. But, your pocket is not quite ready to cope up with the plan. So, how to update an old kitchen on a budget? It seems like a tough call.

Well, don’t worry as I am going to introduce you to some interesting ideas about kitchen updates on a budget. So take out your pen and paper and start planning with me.

How to update an old Kitchen on Budget – The Ultimate Guideline

Updating your kitchen does not necessarily mean to install high-end appliances or getting expensive furniture. Instead, it means to give a different outlook and to upgrade the quality.

Therefore, I am going to discuss a few simple low budget kitchen designs that you can easily use to update yours. 

Changing Hardware

Changing the hardware is one of the most common ways of renovating a kitchen. You can start by replacing any furniture. 

For example, you can add a table or some stools in front of the counter. You can also change the rugs of your kitchen. Of course, it doesn’t have to be expensive. So, keep it simple and sober. 

Play with Colors

Cheap kitchen design ideas often focus on the changes in colors and patterns. However, that does not mean that you should paint recklessly.

Well, you can pop up a distinct element by painting them differently. For example, you can paint the cabinets, doors or the stools in a contrasting color.

Again, maintaining a monochrome always looks very classy. So, decide what type of look you want and choose the colors accordingly.

Upgrade Cabinets 

Your previous kitchen cabinets might not serve that well as they did before. It might be the screws or even the handles. A good way for updating kitchen cabinets on a budget is by repairing them.

Again, you can buy a new pair. However, it will cost you more money. Therefore, I suggest you inspect the condition first and then decide the rest.

Change Lighting 

A simple change in the lighting can bring a huge difference. You can add a pendant light in the center of the kitchen. Again, you can enhance your same old shelves by using recessed lighting.

Apart from the artificial lighting, you can also adjust the natural daylight by renovating the window or choosing the right curtains. But make sure not to overdo anything. Otherwise, it will look weird.

Customize Storage Capacity

Are you happy with the storage capacity of your kitchen? If not, you must work with that feature whenever you are updating your kitchen.

Look for the vacancy. You can add an extra shelf or customize your cabinets to increase the storage capacity.

Again, clearing cutters is a brilliant way to deal with the storage issue. Simply sort out the things you no longer need and make room for new products.

DIY décor

DIY kitchen updates on a budget is a smart way to give your kitchen a new look. It’s cheap, easy and very interesting.

Of course, you need to spend a couple of hours to make the DIY projects but then again, the products that you will make yourself are going to be unique. 

Therefore, don’t worry if your décor is not as fancy as others. Everybody will love your work and notice these cheap kitchen updates before and after changes.

Rearrange Stuff 

You don’t always need to add something or throw something away to change the outlook. Instead, rearranging stuff can also give your kitchen a great makeover. Besides, it is completely free of cost. So, why not try it?

You can move the table or the stools. Again, try sorting out the appliances and place them in a sequence.

Moreover, you can also try to hang up some of your kitchen tools like knives and cutting boards. These changes will give your kitchen a soft contemporary outlook.

Adding Stools 

Do you have free space in front of your kitchen counter? Well, you can fill up that space by adding some stools.

Adding stools or chairs are smart kitchen update ideas that do not require a lot of money. Of course, you can also paint your old stools with some quirky colors. 

The colorful stools will pop up and the contrast will give your kitchen a modern look. However, don’t get too crazy with the colors and try to keep a balance with the rest of the kitchen.


We have discussed a lot of ideas about how to update an old kitchen on budget. Some of them are a bit time consuming whereas others are quicker. 

Again, although all of the ideas are budget-friendly, each of them requires a different amount of money and time.

Therefore, take your time and plan according to your budget. You can also combine some of the ideas and make your own design. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give your kitchen an amazing makeover.

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