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How to wash kitchen mats in washing machine?

kitchen mats in washing machine

Haven’t you ever felt that kitchen mats are life savers? Spilling oil or water on the kitchen floor can cause you injuries yet you find yourself safe.

That’s because your kitchen mat is there to absorb all these elements which leads them to be dirty and nasty more often.

So, you might be thinking of taking care of them but in an easy way. That’s why you may want to know how to wash kitchen mats in washing machine, right?

Well, not every type of kitchen mat is machine washable. In this article we will provide you some insightful information on this topic.

Let’s get into it!

How to Wash Kitchen Mats in Washing Machine: An In Depth Guide

Washing machines comes with great features to help you in your cleaning process. 

But before putting your mats on the machine, you should know whether it will damage your machine or your mats.

Is Your Mats Machine Washable?

Firstly, the important thing you should know is whether your mat is machine washable or not. 

That obviously depends on the type and materials of your mat. Let’s learn whether your mat is machine washable or not.

Rug Fiber Kitchen Mats

These are the carpet style mats which come with a non slippery back side, making them perfect for your kitchen. 

However, you should be happy if you have one of these. Because these mats are machine washable. 

Synthetic or Cotton Fiber Mats

Many people tend to use synthetic or cotton fiber mats in their kitchen as well. These types of kitchen mats are also machine washable and very easy to clean.

Foam Kitchen Mats

The best way to wash these mats soaking the mat into the liquid washer with enough water. 

You may soak it for a few hours before giving it some soft rubs. However, these also can be cleaned in the washing machine. 

Memory Foam Kitchen Mats

These types of mats help to reduce fatigue when you are standing in your kitchen for a long time. 

But the other good thing is, these mats are also machine washable. Before putting it into the machine, you may need to vacuum the surface.  

Anti- Fatigue Mats

These mats are very useful if you are to stay in the kitchen for a longer period. But unfortunately, these mats are not machine washable. 

Commercial Kitchen Mats

As you can already assume, these mats are not machine washable. Rather it needs daily vacuum cleaning. You can’t either fold it as it can crack.

However, most of the time it is written on product instructions about how to clean your mat. Check the instructions before buying one. 

The Process of Washing Your Kitchen Mats in Washing Machine

Finally we have reached the point where you can learn how to wash your kitchen mats in the washing machine. 

Hopefully, you have checked the discussion above. If you have found out that your mat is machine washable then congratulations! 

Let’s finish the article!


Laundry detergent or liquid washer or laundry soap, cold water and of course washing machine.

Cleaning Process

  • Before throwing the mats into the machine, give a few gentle whacks to set aside the dirt from the mat. 
  • Then put the mat into the washing machine.
  • Make sure the machine is set to handle a large load. 
  • If you are washing a rug fiber mat, you may add a few towels to balance the load.
  • Fill a top-loading machine halfway with the mat and evenly distribute it in the center, around the stirrer. 
  • The next step is to fill the machine with cold water and add Laundry detergent. 
  • Lastly, Set the washing machine to a gentle cycle.


# Avoid using hot water because it can damage the fiber of your mat. 

# Using bleach and other chemicals should also be avoided.

# Do not try to wash your mat with your clothing. 

# You may not wash your rubber backing mat in the washing machine frequently as it can damage the rubber back faster. 

# Make sure your washing machine is able to take the load. 


I hope you have got proper guidance from this article on ‘how to wash kitchen mats in a washing machine’. Being able to wash the kitchen mat in the washing machine can be a great relief compared to the other cleaning process. Using an active laundry detergent can make the process a lot easier.

However, don’t forget to check the  instructions provided by the manufacturer. Follow the rules and have a nice sparkling kitchen. 


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