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What are tongs used for in the kitchen?

Tongs Used in The Kitchen

Cooking is an art where we need different tools to use to get the best results. Among them, tongs are the most used kitchen tools.

Now, you should understand what are tongs used for in the kitchen for easy cooking. 

Apart from the spoon and knife, we need some work effective, easy-to-use, and cooking-friendly tools that make our cooking task easy. Tongs are one of them. 

Let’s introduce various kinds of tongs and their efficacy in the kitchen. 

What are Tongs?

Tongs are such kinds of instruments that are used to grip and lift objects instead of holding them directly with hands. There are numerous types of tongs consisting of two pieces.

These two pieces are joined by a pivot or hinged like scissors. 

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Types of Tongs    

Kitchen Tongs with a Flat Surface 

These are necessary for thick dishes like steaks, burgers, and pork chops, as they give the most durability. 

Variations include a split surface to allow liquids to readily drain back into the pan, avoiding a messy transfer. Flat surface tongs are good enough to hold heavy dish items. 

Forked Shaped Tongs 

For serving noodles or pasta, forked-shaped tongs are highly used. This type of tongs is straightforward and comfortable to grab noodles or paste-type food items. 

Forked-shaped tongs are highly recommended in slippery food items. 

These tongs have a one-sided fork shape, and another side is a round flat surface that ensures tight holding of any greasy food items. 

Small-Sized Tongs 

This type of tongs is used for serving any food item. When we need to give a finishing touch in serving dishes, these small tongs work as precise finishing tools. 

There are some other jobs they can do. Such as: carrying ice from tubs to glasses like a bartender, putting the right ingredients which are gone astray. 

These tweezer-style tongs are popular among professional chefs for delicately adorning dishes with microgreens, caviar, or fresh herbs. 

Extra-Long Tongs 

These extra-long tongs are used for grilling purposes or the items we need to cool from the hot surface like gas oven or flame. 

Canning Tongs 

Canning tongs are used when jars of preserved fruits, vegetables, jams, and jellies must be withdrawn from hot water baths once processing is complete. This is critical. 

Buth with the canning tongs, there’ll be no more burned fingertips.

Wooden Tongs

These types of wooden or bamboo tongs are used in Japanese restaurants traditionally. 

Japanese food items like sushi and traditional salad are served with wooden tongs with wooden bowls.  

How Can We Use Tongs in The Kitchen? 

  • Tongs have long been handled, so it is easy to turn food items without taking them off from the oven.
  • You can use tongs to toss salad items, bake potatoes, and pull corn from the hot water.
  • In a grill pan, the tongs are very effective for meat turning.
  • Separating the food with a fork is not the ideal way. It removes the juiciness of any dishes, but tongs work as a good grip item that holds the food item so nicely and does not remove the juiciness of the food items.   

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Tongs are cooking and serving equipment which is very much kitchen-task friendly. 

After reading the writing piece, you should know now what are tongs used for in the kitchen and how that can be the best option for the particular job in the kitchen. 

There are heavy metals types, plastic or rubber tongs which you can use according to your need.

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