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What is the Most Dangerous Knife in The Kitchen?

Dangerous Knife in The Kitchen

Kitchen knife is one of the most used tools in our kitchen. But do you know that thousands of people are treated in emergency departments of hospitals each year as a result of injuries suffered while using kitchen knives.

Are you concerned about the danger that comes with the kitchen knife and want to know what is the most dangerous knife in the kitchen?

Let’s learn from this article.

What Is The Most Dangerous Knife In The Kitchen: An Ultimate Guide

Knives aren’t inherently dangerous, but they are sharp and can be dangerous if used incorrectly. 

Sharp blades can easily pierce skin, whereas dull knives can slip, causing you to lose control and get cut. But what is the most dangerous knife?

Let’s find the answer.

The Most Dangerous Knife in The Kitchen

It may sound a little unexpected, but a dull knife is the most dangerous knife in your kitchen. 

Unsharp knives produce a lot of cutting failures since they can’t work the way they’re supposed to and can’t do their job properly. 

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A dull knife will not be able to slice through the cutting material like fish, meat or even vegetables as readily and neatly as it was intended. 

Dull knife injuries are not common and not likely to occur every time you use, but they are  more dangerous injuries than a sharp knife injury. 

Why is a Dull Knife More Dangerous?

While cutting with a dull knife, the person who is using the knife has to put more force on the knife to cut through the material. But this results in less control over the knife’s blade. 

The person has to rely on the force but when using a sharp knife, the blade itself does it’s job without much force. 

If the blade then twists or slips out of control, it can cause more serious injuries. A sharp knife is easier to control, resulting in not only fewer but also less serious injuries. 

Moreover, a dull knife tears the skin instead of slicing it smoothly, injuries caused by it are more traumatic.

How to Know The Knife is Dull

The best knives also become dull over time. Put your knife on a paper test to see whether it needs to be sharpened. Here is the process.

  • Hold one end of a folded, but not crumpled, sheet of newspaper.
  • Or you can use a single sheet of printer/copy paper.
  • Slice outward with the knife against the top edge of the paper.
  • If your knife doesn’t cut the paper smoothly, it needs to be sharpened.

How to Sharpen Dull Knife

By Using a Knife Sharpening Steel

Knife Sharpening Steel-The Home Pic

It is the easiest and cheapest method of sharpening your knife. Hold the steel vertically and maintain a 15 degree angle between the blade and the steel.

Place the knife tip upward and then slide the knife across the steel using light pressure. 

By Using Manual Knife Sharpener

If your knife is quite dull, you may need to use a knife sharpener. To sharpen the blade of the knife, pull the knife blade through the V shaped chamber by giving even pressure thoroughly. 

By Using Electric Sharpener

Using electric knife sharpener is the easiest way to remove the stubborn dullness of the knife. 

Turn the knife sharpener. Then hold the blade of the knife lightly without pressing any pressure on it. After that, pull the knife through the sharpener slot slowly. 

By Using Whetstone

Using Whetstone for Dull Knife Sharpening

Keep the stone on an even rubber pad. Then draw the blade of the knife in a wider, circular motion across the stone. 

Keep the blade at a steady angle until the tip of the blade runs through the other edge of the stone. However, keep your fingers away from the sharp edge of the blade. 

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Knife Safety Tips

  • Before you chop your ingredient, make sure it has a smooth surface.
  • Make sure your chopping board is secure.
  • Make sure your knives are sharp. 
  • Use the knife by using your dominant hand at all times.
  • Do not wave your knife in the air.
  • Maintain cleanness of your knife.
  • Please take your time while using the knife.


Hopefully, you have got your answer from this article on ‘what is the most dangerous knife in the kitchen’. 

Always keep the knife in a safe place and away from the kids. To avoid using a dull knife, sharpen your knives on a regular basis. 

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