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What Length of Tongs for Kitchen?

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A kitchen tong is a type of tool used to grasp and lift objects instead of holding them directly by hand.

The kitchen tongs don’t come to mind first when you think of the tools needed for a chef. Although tongs are apparently uncomplicated instruments, they are an important part of the kitchen appliance.

The kitchen tongs are like a second handset in the kitchen. You can use them to flip the meat over grills, serve salads, shake pasta, open wine bottles, and even get to that hard spot in your pantry.

Now you may have a question: what length of tongs for the kitchen? Well, to get the answer, you need to know the most important feature of kitchen tongs.

Let’s explore the length of kitchen tongs.

What Length of Tongs for The Kitchen – Here In Details

The kitchen tongs are available in different types and lengths for different uses. Generally, kitchen tongs come with 9-12 inches. 

Here is a list of kitchen tongs to help you know the length and ultimately you can choose the right one. 

What Length of Tongs for Kitchen: The Paramount Explanation

6 to 7-Inches Kitchen Tongs

When buying kitchen tongs, think about what measurement you need. The compact or tiny tongs normally estimate about 6 to 7 inches.  Normally, 6 to 7-inches kitchen tongs are great for serving noodles from boiling water in large bunches or without cutting pasta.

There is no question about what you will use them for.  By tying the kitchen tongs, the stringed food is easy to pick up and move around without slipping.

The 6 to 7-inches tongs are good for almost all of this. You should not try these on the grill – small handles make it bad to use for high-heat cooking.

9 to12-Inches Kitchen Tongs

For general kitchen use, the average-sized kitchen tongs measure 9 to 12 inches.  The 9- to 12-inch-long tongs are the ideal size. These tongs are the perfect size for daily cooking.

These are enough to keep your hands safely away from heat and oil splashes, but not so long that they’re awkward to use indoors. 

With 9 to 12-inch length, these kitchen tongs have all the benefits and you can use them on any surface.

The length provides the best grip of the bunch – if their scalloped shape is pronounced.  

However, if the scallops are too shaky, you will run the risk of tearing the food as you move it.  If they are on the smooth side, you will not be able to get as much grip.

These are a little tighter (not ideal if you need to remove small and delicate ones) and take up more space than other varieties.  If you only need to buy one, you can buy 9 to 12-inch kitchen tongs.

The tongs should be scalloped.  You can use them on almost anything, whether it’s for pan scraping and deglazing or sausage flipping.

12 or More Than 12-Inches Kitchen Tongs 

The long tongs for grilling are 12 inches or more. Versions longer than 12 inches are more suitable for high-heat applications such as grilling, while you usually have very little practical use outside of serving shorter versions.  

These over-the-counter kitchen tongs are what chefs use for flashy tasks such as moving microgreens, shaking, and crushing Sumac mini powder. 

These tongs feature accuracy in a crowded pan, a long rubber handle grip, good spring strength, and a consistent locking mechanism. 

You don’t have to worry about holding the grill sleeves or your hands swinging.  These tongs offer the farthest distance from your cooking surface.  

If you are really special about the presentation, then no other tongs will offer a short and steady grip.

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Hope you have got a proper idea about what length tongs are for the kitchen.If you follow this article, you will be able to choose the right product.

And hopefully, this article on what length of tongs for kitchen will give you a comprehensive knowledge of it.


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