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Why do Meat Cleavers have a Hole?

Meat Cleavers have a hole

It is very important to have a chef’s knife in every kitchen. But cleavers are the way to go when it comes to breaking down the hard things- like bones or hard-skinned vegetables.

It is a large knife that changes shape but is usually like a rectangular-blade hatch. 

A cleaver is primarily used as a kitchen or butcher knife to hack the bones. And the broadside of the knife can also be used for making food.

Now you may ask, why do meat cleavers have a hole? Well, the hole in the heavy-duty blade makes it easy to cut through the bones. 

They also have special features that other knives don’t have. Let’s explore more in this article.

Why Do Meat Cleavers Have a Hole: Everything You Should Know

A meat cleaver comes with a hole for several reasons. And here are these reasons: 

For the Convenience of Hanging

The hole is a way to keep the knife hanging when not using it. It’s as simple as that.  A meat cleaver is a knife that is heavier than other blades.

Cleavers are too big to store in a knife block and if you throw them in a kitchen drawer, they will accidentally cut you off or fade over time.  

The meat cleavers are very large.  You can’t fit them in the drawer. Here the hole helps a lot. 

You have to place them on a knife storage block or top of a knife magnet as they will fall to the floor and break your kitchen tiles. 

Considering all these,  the manufacturers decided to make a hole in the blade where it would get out of the way and not interfere with the work.

Decrease the Weight of the Knife

The good thing about a meat cleaver is that you don’t have to be very strong to use them. As long as you can pick it up, you can work. The hole of a knife reduces its weight and makes things easy to cut. 

Restrain the Meat from Getting Stuck

Another simple use for the hole is that you can stick your finger in it to help the knife stick to the flesh.  

Sometimes when cutting bones or frozen meat, the knife can get stuck and it is difficult to pull it out.

So you can put your finger in the hole of the blade and release the knife with both hands. 

If the knife is too hard to stick, you can even put a small metal rod through the hole and get someone else to help pull the blade out of the bone or frozen carcass.

Advantages of Having a Hole in the Meat Cleavers

To use a meat cleaver, you don’t need to keep extraordinary knowledge about it. But You just have to be more careful using it properly. Then it can easily be used by you.

Disadvantages of Having a Hole in the Meat Cleavers

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages.  Similarly, the existence of holes in meat cleavers has some merits as well as demerits.

  • If the hole in a knife is large, there is a risk that the cut edge will become weak. 
  • It can turn into a hard-piece blade.

Therefore, if you plan to buy a meat cleaver, it is advisable to buy a good quality cleaver with a hole.


I hope this article on why meat cleavers have a hole has helped you find out the answer. And you know now why there is a hole in the meat cleaver.  

Without any doubt, there are many aspects to the existence of a hole in the meat cleaver.

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